To be or to Brexit…

To be or to Brexit…

EY-502041Dear Brits,

Tomorrow you are going to vote to stay in the European Union, and I am very glad you do. You vote for cooperation between our countries, you recognize that the world is bigger than your backyard and that the problems we face are best faced together.

I am glad you have realized that the European Union has its problems, but that is has a bigger goal: to keep Europe in peace. Since we started building on the European Union no wars have started in its boundaries and there hardly have been any near its boundaries. In this world without the threat of war we have been able to work on minor problems, like economic growth, unemployment and immigration. Working on these problems has had its ups and downs, but we can all be happy that these are the issues we face today, instead of the problems that come with wars.

You know the Union has problems, like bureaucracy, lack of democracy and lack of decisiveness, and we have to work on these issues. I bid you to work on these issues with us.

I trust you to choose for a better world were we head to a mutual future, because a future without mutual interests will lead us nowhere.

With the highest of regards,

Dorus Daris